19.02 - 16.03.2023

State-of-the-art skiing festival.
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  • Getting to Tartu Maraton

    By plane: Tallinn international airport, 185 km from Tartu, is most common. Riga Airport is also usual choice for traveling to Tartu as driving here takes only 3,5 hours.

    By train: Several times a day between Tallinn and Tartu. See more:

    By bus: Buses form Tallinn airport leave every 30 minutes and take you to Tartu in 2,5 hours, some buses go directly to Otepää. There is bus connection between Tartu-Otepää-Elva. See more:

    By car: Race centre (bib pick up location) situates in Tartu and it is well approachable by car. In the race day there are traffic jams at the start and finish areas, so please arrive early to avoid stress. Finish area parking is paid.

    By ferry: You can also travel by ferry from Helsinki or Stockholm to Tallinn, and take a train or bus from there to Tartu.


    Distance between Tartu and start place Otepää is 42 km, between Tartu and finish area Elva is 25 km. The organizers offer a bus transport from Tartu to the start (Otepää) on the morning of the race day, and transport from the finish to Tartu and Otepää.

  • Bus transportation





    The Organizer has organised special shuttle buses from Tartu and the finish parking lot in Elva to the start locations in Otepää and Arula, and later back to Tartu and start locations.


    Rides on the special shuttle buses are available for a fee. A seat on the bus is only quaranteed when you have a ticket from pre-sale. A bus ticket to start is valid also for the return ride, do not lose it! It is also possible to buy a ticket for the after-finish ride only. After the finish buses leave from the finish parking lot to Tartu and start areas according to fulfillment. The final stop in Tartu is in front of the Aura swimming centre.




    Buy the ticket here


    Pre-sale tickets can be also bought from the race expo (shopping mall Lõunakeskus) on February 17th at 12-20 and February 18th at 10-19.

    Express shuttle bus timetable:

    Please choose the ticket with departure time according to your start time.

    • To the starts of 63 km:
      • Tartu - Otepää at 7:00 
      • Elva - Otepää at 7:30
    • To the starts of 31 km:
      • Tartu - Arula at 10:30
      • Elva - Arula at 11:00
      • Otepää - Arula at 11:30


    After the finish, the first bus from Elva is at 13.00. The next buses leave according to fulfillment. 


    Tartu = parking lot in front of the theatre Vanemuine (on Ülikooli street)
    Otepää = parking lot at the Tehvandi stadium
    Elva = finish parking lot at the 2nd km of Elva-Hellenurme road

    The final stop in Tartu is the parking lot in front of the theatre Vanemuine


    Transfer1 offer: from Tallinn to the Tartu Maraton!

    Transfer1 offers shuttle bus rides from Tallinn to the start of Tartu Maraton in the morning and back after the finish.

    Buses for the 63 km start depart at

    • 04:45 from the parking lot of the shopping mall Järve Selver
    • 05:00 from the parking lot of the shopping mall Ülemiste Keskus

    Buses for the 31 km start depart at

    • 08:30 from the parking lot of the shopping mall Järve Selver
    • 08:45 from the parking lot of the shopping mall Ülemiste Keskus

    Return ride from Elva finish parking lot at 15:45 and 16.45.

    Two-way ticket when booking early (until Feb 12) costs 39 €.

    More info and booking:, +372 52 04 575 or +372 50 70 317. OÜ


  • Parking

    Parking in the parking lots of Tehvandi stadium is free. Parking in the 31 km start (Arula) and service points is free. Follow the directions of traffic officers.


    To park in the finish parking lots (Elva) a parking permit must be bought. It costs 6 € from pre-sale and 10 € on site


    Buy the ticket here


    Pre-sale tickets can also be bought from the race expo (shopping mall Lõunakeskus) on February 17th at 12-20 and February 18th at 10-19.


    Parking permit bought from pre-sale includes a bus ride to the start for all passengers in the car. Park your car in the finish area and have a comfortable ride to the start!

  • Traffic

    • Consider that many cars are also driving to the start locations. Take enough time for getting to the start (be there at least 1,5 hours before the start).
    • Avoid passing other cars while driving in a motorcade. Driving calmly makes it faster and a lot safer!
    • If you are not very sure of your winter driving capabilities, consider not to drive and find a place on a friend’s car or even better - use shuttle buses! 
    • After the 63 km start, it is possible to drive to the service points by driving straight across the traffic light crossing or by using the road to Valga (after the skiers have crossed the road, from 9.30) with a direction to Restu.
    • Finish area is accessible by Otepää-Rõngu road or by Otepää-Kintsli-Laguja-Elva.
    • From Otepää to the 31 km start - use the traffic light crossing to head for Pühajärve and make a turn there to Puka. Then drive until Arula. Coming from Rõngu, there is a turn to Arula at Palu.
    • 31 km start area is at the crossroad of Arula and Pringi.
    • If approaching to 31 start from direction Sangaste-Valga, please avoid using Puka-Arula road as it will cross with marathon track.
    • Arula-Puka road is closed at Meegaste at 10.30-14.00.
    • Stopping is not allowed closer than 50 m from the track on both sides of the road.
    • In service points, cars must be parked in the parking lots. When no parking lots are available, parking is only allowed on one side of the road.
  • Accommodation





    Packages for 49th Tartu Marathon are available HERE.





  • What to see & do



    Estonia is the smallest and the northenmost country of the Baltic States. Covering  45,227 km2, the state is slihgtly bigger than Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. There are 1,3 million inhabitants and the official language is Estonian. 


    Estonia is perfect for active holiday – ca 50 % covered with forest, over 2000 lakes, over 1500 islands, numerous national parks and nature reserves. On the other hand – it is a very modern country with WiFi almost everywere. 


    More info:



    Tartu, with its population of around 100,000 in an area of 154 square kilometers, is the heart of South-Estonia and the second largest city in Estonia. The first written records of Tartu date from 1030, making it the oldest city in the Baltic States.


    Tartu has all the best of the globally new but with the local advantage – the costs are lower, security is higher, and the air is cleaner than in Tallinn, Helsinki or New York. The city successfully combines modern infrastructure and facilities with a green and friendly environment.


    At every corner in Tartu, there are concert venues, exhibition halls, theatres, churches, museums, and charming little cafés as well as various pubs and restaurants. An inseparable part of the city is its students who comprise around a quarter of the population and generate a lot of fun and energy.


    In 2024 Tartu will be the European Capital of Culture.


    Find the most exciting places and events to visit on
    Explore the whole South-Estonian region HERE


  • Ski tracks

    Tartu Maraton track is 63km long and covered with natural snow. The course is maintained throughout the winter. Both classic skiing and free style are possible. The track of Tartu Maraton is one of the most popular ski courses in South-Estonia for practising and recreational skiing. The course is open for public use throughout the season for free. However, there are two exceptions: the day of Tartu Maraton (19th of February 2023) and Tartu Maraton Relay/Open Track (12th of February 2023), where the whole course is closed for competitions.


    There are also many other ski tracks in the region, with various length and level of difficulty.


    An up-to-date overview of Tartu Maraton track as well as other ski tracks in the region can be found on the map of In addition to the location, there is also information about services provided in each place (equipment rental, washing and dressing facilities, track lightning, etc.).