08.05 - 15.05.2022

Most popular forest run in the Baltics.
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  • Bus transportation



    • To the starts of 42 km
      • Tartu - Otepää at 8:00
      • Elva - Otepää at 8:30


    • To the starts of 24 km
      • Tartu - Otepää at 9:00
      • Elva - Otepää at 9:30


    • To the starts of 10 ja 5 km
      • Tartu - Elva at 11:30   
      • Otepää - Elva at 11:30   


    Tartu = parking lot in front of the theatre Vanemuine (on Ülikooli street)
    Otepää = parking lot at the Tehvandi stadium
    Elva = finish parking lot at the 2nd km of Elva-Hellenurme road


    A seat on the bus is only quaranteed when you have a ticket from pre-sale!


    Rides on the special shuttle buses are available for a fee. The 1-day ticket to start is valid also for the return ride, do not lose the ticket! After the finish buses leave from the finish parking lot to Tartu and start areas according to fulfillment. The final stop in Tartu is in front of the Aura swimming centre.


    Bus tickets can be bought:

    • From the Piletilevi online ticket shop at until 19.00 on May 7th, 2022.
    • From the race office (shopping mall Lõunakeskus) on May 7th at 10:00-19:00.
  • Parking

    Parking in the parking lots of Tehvandi stadium is free. Parking in the service points is also free. Follow the directions of traffic officers.


    To park in the finish parking lots (Elva) a parking permit must be bought. It costs 5 € from pre-sale and 10 € on site. 


    Parking permit bought from pre-sale includes a bus ride to the start for all passengers in the car. Park your car in the finish area and have a comfortable ride to the 42 and 24 km start!


    Parking permits can be bought:

    • From the Piletilevi online ticket shop at until 19:00 on May 7th, 2022.
    • From the race office (shopping mall Lõunakeskus) on May 7th at 10:00-19:00.


    Parking lots in start (PDF)


    Parking lots in finish (PDF)



  • Traffic information

    For smoother transportation on the day of the race, we strongly recommend to use the special (or public) buses or share a car with your friends. We also suggest to arrive to the race place 1 or 1,5 hour before the start. Please make sure to follow the traffic regulations in Otepää and Elva.


    On the race day on May 8th, the following routes in Otepää are closed:

    • At 10:50 until 11:15 Otepää - Valga mnt - Tartu mnt – from Kanepi mnt crossroad (crossroad with traffic lights) until the roller road.
    • From 10:50 until 11:45 (until last runner runs off the highway) Otepää-Rõngu mnt first 4 km (excl. operational vehicles). Traffic is permitted behind the runners only after the last police car or in front of the runners before the police car until Rõngu. 


    During the race day on May 8th parking is prohibited from 7:00-11:15 in Otepää: 

    • Valga mnt - Tartu mnt - Valga mnt – until Kanepi mnt crossroad (crossroad with traffic lights) from both sides within the town borders. 
    • Between the Tehvandi road, Valga mnt and Tehvandi Sport Center main building road, from both sides.
    • Roller road between the Valga mnt and Mäe tn section, from both sides.


    The roads crossing the Tartu Forest Marathon are not closed for traffic, but there are some traffic limits and it is mandatory to follow the regulators' signals. In the areas, where the track and the highway intersect, a 50 m standing prohibited order applies to both sides of the road.


    During the day of the race on May 8th in Elva:

    1. Entrance to Tartumaa Tervisespordikeskus closed from 6:00 to 16:00 (vehicles with permits only) 
    2. Prohibited parking from 6:00 to 16:00:

    • At the first 2 km of Palupera Road
    • On Puistee Street from the railway to Vaikse Street
    • On a Vaikne street from Puistee street up to 300 m in the direction of Lootuse street
    • In the parking lot at the gate of the cemetery on a Vaikne street, it is allowed to park only to visit the cemetery (checked by the police)

    3. The parking lots of Tartu Forest Marathon for participants and companions are located on the first km of Palupera Road and parking is for a fee.


    Course maps and schemas are available HERE.


    General parking information is available HERE.



  • Getting to Tartu Forest Marathon

    By plane:
    Tartu airport, 10 km from the centre of town, offers direct connections with Helsinki. See more:
    Tallinn international airport, 185 km from Tartu, is most common. Riga Airport is also usual choice for traveling to Tartu as driving here takes only 3,5 hours.

    By train: 
    Several times a day between Tallinn and Tartu. See more:

    By bus: 
    Buses form Tallinn airport leave every 30 minutes and take you to Tartu in 2,5 hours, some buses go directly to Otepää. There is bus connection between Tartu-Otepää-Elva. See more:


    By car: 
    Race centre (bib hand-out) situates in Tartu and it is well approachable by car. In the race day there are could be traffic jams at the start and finish areas, so please arrive early to avoid stress. Finish area parking is paid.


    By ferry: 
    You can also travel by ferry from Helsinki or Stockholm to Tallinn, and take a train or bus from there to Tartu.


    Race location:
    Race center (bib hand-out) is located in Lõunakeskus shopping mall (Ringtee 75, Tartu). 


    Start venue for 42 km and 24 km distance is located in Otepää, Tehvandi Sports Center (Ranna tee, Otepää). 


    Start venue for 10 km and 5 km distance is located in Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre (Uderna küla, Elva). 
    Finish venue (all distances) is located also in Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre.


    Distance between Tartu and Otepää is 42 km, between Tartu and finish area Elva is 25 km. The organizers offer bus transportation from Tartu to the start (Otepää) on the morning of the race day, and transport from the finish to Tartu and Otepää.


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