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Most popular forest run in the Baltics.
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  • Transportation from Tartu



    There are special shuttle buses from Tartu to the start location in Elva and later back.


    Ride on the special shuttle bus is available for a fee. A seat on the bus is only guaranteed when you have a ticket from pre-sale. A bus ticket to start is also valid for the return ride, do not lose it! 




    Buy the ticket here


    Pre-sale tickets are also available at the race expo (shopping mall Lõunakeskus) on May 11th from 10.00-19.00. 


    Shuttle bus schedule:

    When booking the ticket, we kindly ask you to choose the bus according to your start time and arrive a few minutes earlier as the buses leave on time. 


    • To the 42 km start:
      • Tartu - Elva kell 7:45


    • To the 21 km start:
      • Tartu - Elva kell 9:45


    • To the 5 km ja 10 km start:
      • Tartu - Elva kell 10:45


    Tartu = parking lot in front of the theatre Vanemuine (on Ülikooli Street)

    Elva = finish parking lot at the 2nd km of Elva-Hellenurme road


    After the finish, the buses leave from the finish parking lot back to Tartu:

    • The first bus from Elva to Tartu departs from the finish parking lot at 13:00. The later buses leave according to fulfilment. 
    • The final stop in Tartu is at the parking lot next to the theatre Vanemuine on Ülikooli Street. 


  • Transportation from Tallinn

    Transfer1 offer: from Tallinn to the Tartu Maastikumaraton!

    Transfer1 offers shuttle bus rides from Tallinn to the start of Tartu Maastikumaraton in the morning and back after the finish.

    More info and booking:, +372 52 04 575 or +372 50 70 317. OÜ



    If you are coming from Tallinn, you can take the Tallinn-Tartu-Valga train (TRAIN SCHEDULE).

    • The train departing at 7:11 from Tallinn will arrive in Elva on time for all distances apart from the 42 km distance. A shuttle bus from Elva train station to the start area leaves at 10:10. 
    • After the finish, the shuttle buses leaving at 14:20 and 16:20 shall make a stop at the Tartu train station. The Tartu-Tallinn train leaves at 15:11 and 17:02. See train schedule HERE.
  • Parking

    To park in the marathon parking lots (Elva) a parking permit must be bought. It costs 6 € from pre-sale and 10 € on site


    Free parking with Subaru! 

    Subaru gives you free parking at Tartu Maastikumaraton. Subaru car park


    Buy the ticket here


    Pre-sale tickets can also be bought from the race expo (shopping mall Lõunakeskus) on May 11th.


    Location of the parking lots in Google Maps


    Finish car park (PDF)


  • Tartu - European Capital of Culture


    European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 is Estonia's main event in 2024 as well as the largest joint venture between Tartu and Southern Estonia.


    Tartu 2024 brings over 1000 events to individuals of all ages. The year-long programme in Tartu and Southern Estonia presents the story of the Arts of Survival – the knowledge, skills, and values that will help us lead a good life in the future. 


    European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 is versatile both in its nature and in its programme. On the one hand, it is a great cultural celebration that draws visitors from Estonia and abroad, and on the other, it is an opportunity to include as many people as possible in laying the groundwork for long-term change in Tartu and Southern Estonia.


    More information on Tartu 2024 homepage

  • Sightseeing in Elva

    All marathon tracks lead to Elva!


    When you cross the finish line at the Tartumaa Tervisespordikeskus, know that you have arrived in the legendary sports and resort town of Elva. Lively experiences and exciting vacation ideas to undertake in this area can be found on the Visit Elva website. Stay updated on what's happening in Elva on Facebook and Instagram too.