19.02 - 16.03.2023

State-of-the-art skiing festival.
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  1. Choose the distance and sign up. Registration is open up to March 16th. Please note, that you may change the distance very easily and for free in our self-service until the end of the race period.
  2. In case of combo, you may cover the distance in shorter sections, each stage at least 6,3 km.

  3. Choose the most suitable track close to your home and cover the selected distance between 16.01-19.03.
  4. You may also complete the distance on the original track of Tartu Maraton, except for the February 18th-19th, when the original track is for the participants of the main race!
  5. Record the log with your device (sport watch, smartphone). It is important, that you fix the length of the distance, time and if possible, also the date.
  6. Most common sports watches/web application: Garmin, Polar, Suunto (android), Suunto (iOS), Strava, Fitbit, Apple Watch, MapMyRun.

  7. Upload your result in the participant listSelect the 49th Tartu Marathon and the right virtual distance from the drop-down menu, then press the search button. Find your name in the list and click the link "Lisa tulemus".
    You will find technical explanations on the upload page. In case your device does not have a direct data sharing function, you may also insert the results manually. Just make a photo/screenshot of your log and add this as a proof. While uploading the result, you must also choose the the discipline. In case of marathon combo, upload each part separately, the system sums up the distance covered.
    Upload the result no later than March 16th at 23:59.
  8. After uploading the results, your virtual diploma will be ready for downloading in the results list.
  9. Medal will arrive to you by post, make sure you insert the correct home address while uploading the race result! 
  10. Share your virtual marathon experiences also on Facebook and Instagram! While posting, tag us in the post and use #tartumaraton. This allows us to find your posts and share them also with other sports friends.
  11. Virtual Tartu Maraton is also part of the Worldloppet Virtual Racing League. However, please note that only 1 race per organiser counts for one Virtual Racer title.