17.02 - 16.03.2024

State-of-the-art skiing festival.
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  • Waxing service

    SWIX waxing service is open in the race center and in the start venues in Arula (Saturday 17.02 at 8:30-10:50; Sunday 18.02 at 11:00-12:30) and Tehvandi (Sunday 18.02 at 7:00-9:00).



    Package 1 – Cross-country skier

    Glide SWIX PRO PS glide wax + kick wax 35 €


    Package 2 – RACER

    Base glide wax + SWIX PRO Marathon glide wax + SWIX PRO Powder + structure + kick wax = 60 €


    Other services:

    • Ski base cleaning from old wax 10 €
    • Kick Wax 20 €
    • Glide Wax (Base + SWIX PRO Marathon glide wax) 20 €
    • Glide Wax powder (base + SWIX PRO Marathon glide wax + SWIX PRO powder) 40 €
    • Base structure 5 €
    • Ski shipping from Tartu to start venues in Otepää or Arula 10 €


    Wax will be selected by SWIX test team depending on the weather and snow conditions.

    Head of waxing service: Arne Tilk, +372 5172455.



    Worldloppet passport = basic waxing package free of charge!


    The 35 € package includes glide SWIX PRO PS glide wax and kick wax.

    Ski cleaning and other services according to the price list.


    Waxing takes place ONLY on Friday and Saturday in the race center of Tartu Maraton, shopping center Lõunakeskus. 

    NB! Present the Worldloppet pass at the waxing service desk.


    Don't have a Wordloppet passport yet? Purchase it from the race center.

  • Race centre

    Race centre in Lõunakeskus, in the atrium above the skating rink  (Lääneringtee 39, Tartu) is open:

    • Friday, February 16th 2024 at 12-19
    • Saturday, February 17th 2024 at 10-19


    In the Expo:

    • Start bib hand out
    • Registration and re-registration up to Saturday at 17.00
    • SWIX ski waxing 
    • Bus and parking tickets (online pre-sale here)
    • Marathon souvenirs
    • Sports expo


    How to get to the race center

  • GPS tracking

    If you want friends or family to see your location during the marathon, order a GPS tracking service! 

    Log into your marathon account and order the device from the Offers section, which you can find on the top right.


    With Sportrec GPS device the participant can be followed on the track in real time.


    Pick up the device from the race center and return to the organisers at the finish!


    Relay teams do not need to order the device, it is already included in the entry fee. 


    Links to follow the participants

    17.02 Relay, skating and vintage


    18.02 Classical distances