15.02 - 16.02.2025

State-of-the-art skiing festival.
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Team ranking for Club Tartu Marathon events started in 2006 – the team ranking was determined for the first time at the 36th Tartu Marathon.

As in 2006, the goal of team ratings today is to increase the collective interest in sports and to draw more attention to team sports.


According to the participants, legendary Tartu Marathon with a team is more than an individual race, because all team members strive for a common goal. The team ranking shall be determined in one category: teams. There are no separate team rankings for clubs and companies or men and women.The team rankings are open for participation for any registered sport club, freely made up collective, friend group or company team (minimum 5 participants).

The team rankings list of each event shall be composed by adding together the top 5 scores of each team’s members. NB! Teams with less than 5 participants are not included in the team ranking. The overall team rankings in the Cup shall be determined by adding together the team’s point scores from all the events.


The top 3 teams of each event shall be awarded as follows:

  • 1st place: cup + 7 free entries to the next event of the season
  • 2nd place: cup + 5 free entries to the next event of the season
  • 3rd place: cup + 3 free entries to the next event of the season
  • The cups are handed over in the Club Tartu Maraton in the next week after the event. Information about free entries will be sent directly to the e-mail of representative of the team.