29.05 - 05.06.2022

Top-notch cycling festival.
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  • 1. General info

    1.1. Hawaii Express 41. TARTU RATTARALLI (RR) is organized by Club Tartu Maraton, in co-operation with sponsors and supporters. RR is the third stage of Tartu Maraton Klassik 2022. RR is part of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series (hereinafter Gran Fondo). RR is organized according to the UCI regulations, Gran Fondo and Estonian Cyclists Union rules, current Race Regulations, and according to the decisions made by the Board of Club Tartu Maraton.


    1.2. In addition to the main race on 29th of May, there will be a virtual race from the 20th of May to 5th of June according to separate regulations. Registration to the virtual race will not give the right to participate on the main race and vice versa. A participant can take part in one distance – either on the main race or the virtual one, but not both. Participation in the virtual race will count towards multiple participation awards (silver and gold pin), if the participant does not have a result from the RR main race in the given year.. The RR virtual race is not a part of the Gran Fondo series. 


    1.3. Other unforeseen cases will be solved by the Organizing Committee and the Commissaires Panel.

  • 2. Start place, time and organization. Finish area.

    2.1. The start place for all distances is in Tartu, in the B parking lot of Estonian National Musem (Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu).


    2.2. The start is given in waves, with each wave launching up to 500 riders on to the race course. For safety purposes, the start of the RR is performed as a ceremonial Neutral Start, where the riders must ride in a calm manner at a restricted speed behind an accompanying vehicle (passing the vehicle is strictly prohibited) until the Technical Start sign, at which point the accompanying vehicle signals the race start, and the cycling speed is no longer restricted. The distance of the Neutral Start is 4 km for the two longer distances, and 500 m for the shorter 27 km distance. For each wave, timing starts at the firing of the start gun. The crossing of a start control mat, located at a distance of 50 m from the Neutral Start line, is used for verifying traversing the start.


    2.2.1. Riders that have registered for the 128 km race distance of the RR shall be automatically regarded as Gran Fondo participants, and according to Gran Fondo rules, the start groups are based on age. The gates of the start groups are labelled with diferent colored signs, which match the participants’ start bib color. If the rider does not wish to participate in the Gran Fondo ranking, he/she has the opportunity to start either from the Elite Group, if the status of the competitor meets the requirements for Elite Group affiliation (see p 8) or from Pace Groups that start in the last start wave.


    2.2.2. In the RR 60 km distance, riders can choose a start Group according to their expected finish time. Strart gates are marked with the expected finish time.


    2.2.3. The RR 27 km distance has one start wave and all riders start together. For safety reasons, young riders with competitive ambitions are asked to take their place in the first part of the starting group in order to reduce the need for dangerous overtaking later.


    2.3. 41. Tartu Rattaralli takes place on Sunday, May 29th, 2022. 


    2.3.1. 27 km start at 9:30 (1 start wave)


    2.3.2. 60 km start: 

    • At 10:00               1st wave – expected finish time less than 1h 45min
    • At 10:05               2nd wave - expected finish time 1h 45min - 2h
    • At 10:10               3rd wave - expected finish time 2h - 2h 30min
    • At 10:15               4th wave - expected finish time over 2h 30min


    2.3.3. 128 km start:

    • At 11:00               1st wave – ME, WE, MJ, WJ, Ambassadors
    • At 11:10               2nd wave - MW19-34; MW35-39 (UCI Gran Fondo World Series)
    • At 11:15               3rd wave - MW40-44; MW45-49 (UCI Gran Fondo World Series)
    • At 11:20               4th wave - MW50-54; MW55-59;MW60-64;MW65-69;MW70-74;MW75-79 (UCI Gran Fondo World Series)
    • At 11:25               5th wave – Pace Groups


    2.4. The finish for all distances is located in Tartu at Turu street next to Aura Centre (link). Race office will be closed 30 minutes after the finish of the last participant. Finish will be closed at 18:00, at the latest.

  • 3. Registration and re-registration

    3.1. Registration takes place:

    • In the self-service environment until 28.05.22 at 17:00;

    • At Club Tartu Maraton office (Laulupeo pst. 25, Tartu, phone. 7421 644) until 26.05.22 at 17:00;

    • At Race Office (Turu street, in front of Aura Centre, phone 5150 360) on 27.05 at 12:00-19:00 and on 28.05 at 9:00-17:00;

    • On the race day (29.05), at the start area, until 15 minutes before each start (Estonian National Museum, parking lot B);

    • Info about registration for the team competition is available HERE;

    • Loyal participants with more than 20 participations will get a specially designed “Ambassador” start number, if the registration is completed during the first registration wave. More info about the participation awards HERE.


    3.2. Re-registration is the alternation of the participant`s name or the race distance. Re-registration is possible:

    • In self-service environment until 28.05.22 at 17:00;

    • At Race Office on 27.05 at 12:00-19:00 and on 28.05 at 9:00-17:00;

    • Re-registration of a person of the same distance is free of charge until end of the second registration wave, later all re-registrations will cost 10 € + difference of the participation fees of distances.

    • Starting under wrong name leads to disqualification!

    • In case of a lost / left behind start number, a 10 € replacement fee must be paid.


    3.3. By enrolling to the Tartu Rattaralli, the participant confirms the willingness to abide by the current race regulations, and gives the permission to use the recorded photo and video material for the promotion of the event. The participants of Gran Fondo must confirm the participants declaration, which will be sent separately.


    3.4. With making the entry, the participant confirms the willingness to abide by the Privacy Policy which can be found on the website of Club Tartu Maraton. The participants of Gran Fondo must confirm the participants declaration, which will be sent separately.

  • 4. Entry fees

    Date 128 km 60 km 27 km
    up to 02.05.2022 45 € 35 € 15 €
    03.05.-23.05.2022 55 € 45 € 25 €
    24.05.-28.05.2022 80 € 60 € 30 €
    29.05.2022 85 € 65 € 35 €


    4.1. A discount of 50% from the current registration wave price is available for the youth up to the age of 18 (included), this discount does not apply to the re-registration fee and when registering on the day of the race. For those who registered with the youth discount price, other discounts (group discount etc.) do not apply.


    4.2. A discount of 10% from the current registration wave price is available for groups of 10 or more participants to whom other discounts do not apply. The registration must be done as a group all at once via the registration system of our homepage.


    4.3. All RR distances are free of charge for all Ukrainian adults and children. Elegibility is ensured by declaring Ukraine as the country of origin and presenting an ID document at start number hand-out.


    4.4. Start fee includes: marked course; start bib with timing chip; time keeping (only in case of correctly attached time keeping chip during all the race); catering at all SPs and finish; awarding; medal and diploma with name for finishers; washing possibilities; medical service, if necessary; transport of abandoned riders, gold and silver pins according to the statute. Awarding for Gran Fondo participants according to the rules of Gran Fondo (see p. 11).


    4.5. In case of waiving the right to participate, the entry fee will not be refunded, but by submitting a doctor's note by 28.05.2022, 50% of the paid registration fee will be transferred to the participant's account in the self service environment of Club Tartu Maraton as a credit which can be used when making a registration to next races in the Klassik series. The credit is valid for 1 year. The doctor`s note must be sent to

  • 5. Participation rules

    5.1. The choice of a bicycle is free, i.e. all types of bicycles may be used (except for time-trial bikes, and bikes with triathlon type handlebars), which are non-power-driven, and which are in accordance with cycling standard of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). The usage of electric bicycles is prohibited on the 128 km and 60 km race distances. Exceptionally, the usage of a street legal electric bicycle (up to 25 km/h; capacity up to 250W) is allowed on the 27 km race distance. Moving along the course with outside help (for example motor transport, including electric bicycle on 60 km and 128 km distance) will lead to disqualification. The disqualification can also be based on the video recordings of the race that will be inspected before publishing the official results.

    • Racing with a non-standard bicycle such as tandem etc. (UCI CR 1.3.007-1.3.009 and 1.3.024) is only allowed with the permission and conditions given by the UCI Commissaire. This riders must race without endangering other riders and the result is protocolled separetely.

    • Considering the safety of other riders, organizers ask to remove from bikes all kind of additional gear which could possibly tangle and harm other riders in the bunch (side mirrors, racks, etc.)


    5.2. Everyone will participate at their own risk! It is advisable to have an accident and/or health insurance. In co-operation with an insurance partner, the organizer shall offer the possibility to purchase one-day accident insurance, which would cover possible health risks by participating in the RR. Organizers are not liable for participants’ health problems or damaged/lost personal belongings.


    5.3. Age limit: all riders born in 2007 (2010 for 60 km and 27 km distance) or earlier are allowed to participate. In special cases, younger riders are allowed to participate, if they present a written approval from their coach (128 km) or are accompanied by a parent on the course (60 km and 27 km). By making the registration, the participant confirms that he/she is in perfect health and fit for the physical effort required for RR cycling event.


    5.4. Riders can take part in the Gran Fondo World Seriesi f they hold any of the following licenses:

    • Amateur license
    • Master license
    • Cycling for All license
    • Elite license with exception of:

    1. Any rider who has during the current year been a member of a team registered with the UCI;
    2. Any rider who has taken part in the World Championships, the Olympic Games, Continental Games, Regional Games, the Commonwealth Games, or a World Cup during the current year;
    3. Any rider who has scored UCI points in the year of the World Championships.

    • All riders without a license.


    5.5. Age groups

    128 km age groups (Gran Fondo):

    Women: W Junior (date of birth 2004-2007) – not part of Gran Fondo ranking, W19-34 (1988-2003), W35-39 (1983-1987), W40-44 (1978-1982), W45-49 (1973-1977), W50-54 (1968-1972), W55-59 (1963-19670), W60-64 (1958-1962), W65-69 (1953-1957), W70-74 (1948-1952);

    Men: M Junior (2004-2007) – not part of Gran Fondo ranking, M19-34 (1988-2003), M35-39 (1983-1987), M40-44 (1978-1982), M45-49 (1973-1977), M50-54 (1968-1972), M55-59 (1963-1967), M60-64 (1958-1962), M65-69 (1953-1957), M70-74 (1948-1952), M75-79 (1943-1947)

    • According to the rules of Gran Fondo, Age Group will be awarded with medals and titles as soon as 1 rider is registered in the respective age category.
    • Age groups are defined by the rider`s age on December 31st of the year of the qualifier event.

    60 km age groups:

    W/M16 (2006-2010), no ranking for the rest of the age groups.

    27 km distance is not a competition.


    5.6. Helmets are obligatory in all distances! Riders without helmets will be disqualified. The disqualification may also be based on the video recordings of the race that shall be reviewed before publishing official results.


    5.7. The course is open for regular traffic. Riders must follow traffic rules, signs and traffic officers’ orders. Larger cyclists groups are chaperoned by moto marshals, but riders are required to move in their own lane when moving behind the marshals (right-hand traffic is valid in Estonia).


    5.8. The participants of the Tartu Rattaralli respect clean and honest sports. The international anti-doping rules are fully implemented in the event, and due to this, the Estonian Anti-Doping Agency ( and other anti-doping organisations have got the right to carry out doping tests among all of the participants.

  • 6. Organization in start / finish and on the course

    6.1. Service points.

    • There are 5 Service Points (SPs) on the 128 km rajal course, 2 SPs on the 60 km course, and 1 SP on the 27 km course (see Course map).
    • Enervit drink is offered in a drinking bottle on the 128 km course from the second service point.
    • Menu in service points: Enervit sports drink, water, banana, raisins, buns, bread, salt, pickled gherkins. Cola is served in the last, Luunja/ RC Cola SP.


    6.2. Waste areas.

    There will be marked waste areas on the race course before and after every service point, and at other specially marked sections. Please dispose of your waste (drink bottles, gel tubes etc.) next to the course, do not throw it into the forest or a road ditch, where it is hard to find for the cleaning crew after the event. It is prohibited to litter outside of waste areas! Organizers and commissaries have the right to disqualify or fine the violators. Disqualification can also be based on photo or video recordings. 


    6.3. Technical service is provided at the start and all SPs for free, spare parts are not guaranteed. Each participant is strictly advised to bring their own spare tube and pump to the race. Technical assistance vehicles are also on the course and by calling +372 53 001 460, it is possible to call for help, if it is not possible to fix the bike malfunction with your own means.


    6.4. Medical aid is organized by the Estonian Disaster Relief Team and Estonian Red Cross Tartumaa Society. There are ambulances in the start, at the finish and in all SP-s. If you see someone in trouble on the course, please try to help and let the organizers know immediately or call 112!


    6.5. On the course, things lost and found should be handed over to the chief of a Service Point, from where they are taken to the finish.  Owners can get their lost things from Lost and Found at the finish and from Club Tartu Maraton during one month after the race.

  • 7. Time limits

    7.1. Time limits for passing the RR course (the calculation of the time limit starts from the take-off time of the first start wave):  

    • 128 km distance - 7 h, average speed 18 km/h, finish will be closed at 18:00;

    • 60 km distance - 4 h 45 min, average speed 18 km/h, finish will be closed at 14:00;

    • 27 km distance - 2 h, average speed 13,5 km/h, finish will be closed at 11:30.

    7.2. Riders who do not pass the checkpoint before the control time will be disqualified and transported to the finish by bus. Depending on the weather conditions , the time limits may be adjusted on the race day.

  • 8. Start groups

    see also  P.2.3.


    8.1. Composition of the  start groups of Tartu Rattaralli 128 km is based on the age group rules of Gran Fondo (see p 5.4 and 5.5.)



    8.2. A starting position in Elite group excludes participation in the Gran Fondo ranking.

    A starting position in the Elite group can be requested by riders:

    • With a valid ME, WE, MU, WU, MJ and WJ license (license issued by UCI national federation),
    • Who had placement in Top 100 ranking in RR 2019,
    • Riders with Ambassador status,
    • A rider who has not participated in Tartu Rattaralli 2019 or is missing a valid license, can present results from ohter cycling races (2019 and later) which are equivalent to Top 100 in RR 2019. After registration the results should be sent to by no later than the end of the 1st entry wave on May 5th. Later complaints shall not be taken into consideration.  
    • Riders must start according to their start bib color or from the start corridor with their expected finish time. Riders, who start in the Pace group or in the Elite group, do not participate in the Gran Fondo ranking.
    • The start list by start groups will be published on the website two week after the first entry wave ends, the start list with start numbers will be published three days before the race.


    8.3. 60 km start groups are based on the expected finish (see p. 2.3.2):

    • less than 1h 45min
    • 1h 45min - 2h
    • 2h - 2h 30min
    • over 2h 30min


    8.4. 27 km distance has 1 start group.

  • 9. Handout of start materials

    9.1. Handout of start-numbers takes place:


    • At the Race Office in Tartu (Turu 10, in front of Aura Centre):
      • 27.05 at 12:00-19:00;
      • 28.05 at 9:00-19:00.
    • At the start area (Estonian National Museum, parking lot B):

      • 29.05 at 8:00-11:25.

  • 10. Time keeping and results

    10.1. Time-keeping is performed with an electronic timing chip, which is attached to the backside of the handle bar start number. The chip may not be removed or damaged in any way. The chip is meant for one-time use only and there is no need for it to be returned to the Organizer after the event.


    10.2. To get the finishing result, the 41. RR start number with the timing chip must fixed to the handle bars in a visible location from the moment the starting corridor is entered till arrival at the finish. Additionally , all participants must attach the racing bib for bicycle saddle, and the participants of 128 km distance have 1 back number (must be attached on the back of the jersey). The shape and size of the start numbers may not be altered, e.g. by cutting or folding the edges.

    10.3. Unofficial results will be constantly updated on the information board in the finish area and on the TM website  Official results will be issued by 17:00 on the first Friday after the race on the website


    10.4. Individuals who participate under a wrong name and/or start number, use more than one time keeping chip or engage in other unsportsmanlike behaviour, will be disqualified. Race Director and Race Secretary have the right to make evidence-based disqualifying decisions also after the confirmation of official results.

    10.5. The protests concerning the race results, breaking the Rules, etc. must be brought up with the UCI Commissaire of the race:

    • concerning the first 100 finishers, within 1 hour after the 100th participant has finished;

    • concerning all the others, until the closing time of the finish.

    • The cost of a protest (except of the ones concerning race results) is 40 €, which will be refunded only when the protest has been met.

    • All protests concerning the race will be solved by the Commissaries Panel.

    • Requests about unofficial results can be addressed to Race Secretary until finish is closed, or until Wednesday at 17:00 after the race, to the Race Office in Club Tartu Maraton.

  • 11. Awarding of the winners

    11.1. Awards ceremony takes place in the finish area according to the race programme.

    At the prize-giving ceremony,the following will be awarded:

    • 128 km - 6 best men and 6 best women of the Elite Group in RR general ranking. Winners will be awarded with cups and special awards.

    • Age group winners of 128 km distance in Gran Fondo ranking. Top 3 of each age group will be awarded with cups, Gran Fondo medals and top 1 will get the Gran Fondo age group winner jersey.

    • 60 km - 3 best youngsters W/M16 (2006-2010) with age group cups and special awards. No ranking for other age groups in 60 km distance.

    • In team ranking, top 3 teams are awarded with cups and free entries to the next event of the Tartu Maraton Klassik. The cups are handed over in the office of Club Tartu Maraton in the next week after the event. Information about free entries will be sent directly to the e-mail of the representative of the team.

    • Cash prizes will be transferred to the winners` bank accounts after the official result lists have been validated and the results of any doping tests have been received. The income tax (20% of the award sum) is withheld from all of the cash awards, in accordance with the Estonian legislation.

    • An athlete who is not present at the official award ceremony loses one’s right to the award.

    11.2. UCI Gran Fondo World Series medal and Qualification for Gran Fondo World Championchip.

    • The first 20% of athletes in each age group get a special Gran Fondo medal and will be qualified for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championchip in Trento, Italy from 15th to 18th September 2022 (after the finish protocol is approval by the UCI).
    • The 20% is calculated based on the numbers of riders in each age group, and not on the number of the riders finishing the race or the pre-registered riders. 
  • 12. Cancellation of the event

    12.1. If the event is cancelled due to a force majeure, the participation fees shall be refunded in accordance with the current regulations and rights of the organiser, which state that the organiser may deduce the sum used for already made arrangements.


    12.2. In case of cancelling the event due to force majeure with an announcement of the cancellation 72 hours beforehand, 50% of participation fees will be transferred to participants’ self service accounts as credit which can be used for next entry fee payments in the Cube series. The credit is valid until the end of the 1st registration period of the next Tartu Rattaralli.

    12.2.1. If the participant does not wish to use the transfer possibilities mentioned under p.12.2. and wishes to be refunded the 50% of the participation fee, he/she is obliged to present Club Tartu Maraton with a proper application in the course of 1 month after the cancelled event’s date. This must be done by post (Laulupeo pst. 25, 51007 Tartu) or by e-mail (

    12.2.2. All private persons whose 50% of participation fees will be transferred to next events are obliged to confirm their registration and pay the rest of the participation fee by the end of the first registration period of the next Tartu Rattaralli. After the named date, no complaints will be accepted or satisfied.

    12.2.3. Participation fees paid by legal entities (enterprises, clubs, etc.) are only to be transferred to next events. This means that they cannot be refunded. People who were registered to the event by a given enterprise will not be automatically transferred. The 50% of fees paid will be transferred to the account of the representative of the given legal entity. The representative of the enterprise is obliged to renew the registration list (make a new group registration) by the end of the first deadline of registration for the following year’s Tartu Rattaralli. After this deadline, it is no longer possible to use last year’s participation fees and no later complaints will be satisfied.

    12.3. A force majeure is considered to be any unpredictable event that the organiser has no control over. The organiser cannot change its time or way of occurrence, control it or stop it from happening (e.g. war, rebellion, strike, fire, flood, earthquake, (snow)storm, downpour or any other act of nature, epidemic or other national restrictions etc.)

    12.4. If the event is cancelled due to a force majeure, no expenditures made to third parties by the participants are to be compensated by the organisers of Tartu Rattaralli. We advise participants from abroad to purchase a travel insurance that would cover the expenses caused by the cancellation of the event.


    12.5. If the parties cannot find an agreement, the discords shall be solved in accordance with the Estonian laws at the Tartu county court.



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