• Registration

    What options do I have if I am registered to an event but cannot participate?

    In case the right of participation is waived, the participation fee is not refunded

    • If you wish, you can transfer your participation to another person. For that you need to re-register in the self service environment: on your account choose „My registrations“ and next to registered distance „Change participant“. Enter the new participant data and our system will send them an e-mail to confirm their participation and pay the re-registration fee. Re-registration can be made until the last day before the event, in the last registration wave the fee for re-registration is 10 € + difference of entry fees (change of distance or non-transferrable discount).
    • Consider re-registering to a shorter distance if you cannot participate on longer distance. For that choose „My registrations“ and next to registered distance „Change distance“. Re-registration can be made until the last day before the event, in the last registration wave the fee for re-registration is 10 €.
    • If you wish, you can re-register to the virtual race of the given event which takes place during a longer time period before and after the main race day. For that choose „My registrations“ and next to registered distance „Change distance“. Re-registration can be made until the last day of the virtual race period  and it is free of additional charge.
    • In case of Tartu Maraton, consider re-registering to Open Track (and vice versa).
    • By submitting a doctor's note by the last day before the event, 50% of the paid registration fee will be transferred to the participant's account in the self service environment of Club Tartu Maraton as a credit which can be used when registering to next races in the Klassik series. The credit is valid for 1 year. Doctor’s note should be sent to
  • Logistics problems

    1. How to travel to the race?
      The start of three Club Tartu Maraton’s events is given at the stadium of the Tehvandi Sports Centre in Otepää, and they finish near Elva, at the Tartumaa Sports Centre. There are three main options for reaching the race:
      • Transport organised by the Organizer (for a fee).  You can take a special shuttle bus to the start locations from the parking lot in front of Theatre Vanemuine in Tartu, and back to Tartu, in front of the Aura Centre, after the finish.
      • Driving a car to the start location, and taking a shuttle bus ride from the finish back to the start location after the race.  Bus rides from the finish to the start location parking lots are also available for a fee. Parking at the parking lots of start areas is free.
      • Driving a car to the finish location parking lot in the morning, and taking a shuttle bus ride to the start location. Parking at the finish location and the bus tickets to the start location are available for a fee. 
      • The bus schedule and prices are available on the event page.
    2. Will there be enough buses for the participants?
      So that the Organizer would have as precise preliminary information as possible regarding the number of people on the buses, we recommend that you purchase your ticket from pre-sale. Please keep in mind that a place on the special buses to the start location is only guaranteed for tickets purchased from pre-sale.
      The pre-sale of bus tickets is performed at the race headquarters and Piletilevi selling points.
    3. Will my bicycle be safely transported to its destination?
      We use transport trucks for the transportation of bicycles. The bikes of participants from several buses fit in a single truck. In Otepää, just walk to the truck, and wait for the organizer's staff to unload your bicycle. 
    4. Will buses go also to the start of the shorter distance after the race finish?
      Yes, they will. The buses from the finish location to start locations depart according to capacity.
    5. How can I access the track for spectating?
      We recommend that all of the spectators acquaint themselves with the traffic schematics published before the race. In places, where the road crosses the race track, halts may happen. There are separate parking lots for the spectators’ cars at the service points.
    6. Spectators with special needs.

      • In Tehvandi Sport Centre (, the start venue of Tartu Maraton, the stadium and hotel complex are built according to the contemporary requirements, including also the needs of people with special needs.

        The tribune, the ground floor of the stadium building and the caffee are accessible in a wheelchair. It is also easy to move between the inva parking lot and stadium. There is a special inva toilet in the stadium building.

        To enter the hotel, one can use the ramp, there is an elevator and special rooms for disabled people in the hotel.

      • In the finish area in Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre ( there is free entrance to the ground floor hotel rooms in a wheelchair, in the hall there is also a special inva toilet. The walking distance from the parking lot to the finish line is also accessible in a wheelchair.

      • The service points on the track are all located outside larger settlements. In all of the service points there are large parking lots available. However, we suggest to use assistance while moving between the parking lot and the course line in a wheelcahir, as the roads there are running on the fields and forests.

  • Children´s events

    1. Are the children’s events available for registration only through the internet?
      The organizer recommends to register for children's events through the internet, but registration can also be performed at the start locations of the children’s events. The registration is opened on site an hour before the first start. Online registration is open on the race week from Monday to Thursday evening at 17:00.
      A day before the children’s events are held, registrations for the children's events can also be made at the race headquarters (please see the main event program for the time and place).
    2. How do I register my child online?
      To register a child, you need to create an user account. Once you have created the account, please log in, then select SELF SERVICE, and CHILDREN from the left menu. Please fill out the corresponding registration form to register a child/children. If the registration of the child succeeded, then an automatic confirmation shall be sent to your email address, and the names can be checked from the participants  list of the corresponding event.
      NB! A major advantage of online registration is that the child(ren)’s information is saved under your account, and there is no need to input this information individually.
    3. How much does it cost?
      The entry fee is 3 EUR.
    4. Will children also receive a start number?
      All registered children get a start number and a raffle ticket. For those, who have registered online, the ticket is already previously filled out. Pre-registered children can take out their start numbers from the race headquarters on Friday, or from the start location in the morning of the children’s event.
    5. How much earlier should I be at the location?
      We advise to come to the start location at least half an hour before the child’s start.
    6. Can my child start with older or younger participants?
      In the program of the children’s events, each start of an age group also specifies the length of the distance. Please select a start group for your child based on the length of the distance, rather than one’s age, because only the parent can accurately evaluate the child’s abilities. Participation in our sport events should be a memorable and pleasant experience for the child.  Please keep in mind that in our children’s events the winners are not determined.
    7. Where can I find information on whether my child won a raffle prize?
      The winners of the raffle prizes at the children's events are announced at the start location. All of the raffle prizes that are not claimed on location can be claimed later from the office of Club Tartu Marathon. The names of the winners of unclaimed raffle prizes are disclosed on our homepage after the event. Raffle prizes can be claimed within 1 month after the event.
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