Klubi Tartu Maraton MTÜ (hereinafter KTM) is committed to treating the company`s customers` personal data with respect, as well as respecting all of their rights. The following Privacy Policy describes the processing of personal data, incl. the collection, use, disclosure, transfer, publishing and storage of personal data.


    1.1. A controller of personal data. A natural or legal person who alone, or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data.

1.2. A processor of personal data. A natural or legal person who processes personal data on behalf of the controller (e.g. the provider of the time keeping service, administrators and developers of the data systems).
1.3. Personal data. Any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person.
1.4. The processing of personal data. Covers any act performed with the personal data, including the collection, recording, storage, modification, usage, disclosure, accessing, transfer, closure or destruction of personal data.
1.5. A customer. Any natural or legal person who uses, or has expressed an interest in using, KTM`s services.
1.6. Services. All events organised by KTM and the actions related to them.
1.7. Website. is KTM`s website.



2.1. The controller of personal data is Klubi Tartu Maraton, registry code 80037038, seated at Laulupeo pst 25, 51007 Tartu, phone number +372 742 1644, e-mail address
2.2. The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to ensure the security and the protection of the personal data of the customers, so that they would be protected from the unlawful usage of their personal data.
2.3. When processing personal data, KTM shall be guided by the applicable legislation and the rights of the customers; and such data shall only be collected in the extent that is necessary for providing a high-quality and the best-possible service to the customers at the events organised by KTM.
2.4. By registering oneself for an event organised by KTM (i.e. by becoming a customer of KTM) or by expressing one’s wish to become a customer, the customer provides their consent for the processing of their personal data in accordance with the terms and conditions provided in this Privacy Policy.
2.5. When processing personal data, KTM may co-operate with processors of personal data (e.g. the provider of the time keeping service). In such cases, KTM shall be liable for ensuring that the processors process the personal data in accordance with the instructions of KTM and in accordance with the applicable legislation, and that they shall implement the required security measures.



3.1. KTM shall process such personal data, which has become known to it during the usage of KTM’s services or through the registration of a person as a customer of KTM. 
3.2. The personal data to be processed by KTM includes the customer’s first and last name, personal identification code, country and county of residence, gender, telephone number, e-mail address, usage of services, and any activities associated with the provision of the services.

The personal data shall be processed for the following objectives:

  • to offer to the customers the opportunity to use KTM’s services (e.g. participation in a sports event);
  • perform its commitments towards the customers in regard to the provision of services (e.g. the precise recording of the number of participations, the creation and preservation of the results protocol);
  • to notify the customers of significant information in regard to the provision of the services (e.g. concerning changes in the start times, traffic information, weather conditions, etc.);
  • to understand the customers’ expectations in regard to the organisation of an event, to evaluate the customer experience and the quality of the services (e.g. a feedback questionnaire);
  • to carry out any obligations under the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.


    4.1. We shall use the collected personal data to notify the customer by e-mail of any news and campaigns (concerning the promotional offers of KTM or the services of its co-operation partners, any information regarding the organisation of its events, as well as any feedback surveys after the events with the objective of improving the quality of the services), provided that the customer has provided his or her consent for such activities.
    4.2. The customer may at any time refuse the receipt of such offers or the sending of the surveys by notifying KTM about this by e-mail at or by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link.
    4.3. On the website of KTM, a start list shall be published with the customer’s name, year of birth, county of residence, and the sports club/company, as well as the finish protocol with the name, county of residence, age group, place in the age group, time and place. In addition, the results shall be published in the newspaper Postimees (a contractual partner of KTM), which, after the event, publishes the finish protocol with the customer’s name, county of residence and time. After the Tartu Maraton, the finish protocol shall be forwarded to the Worldloppet International Ski Federation and to FIS, on whose website the following personal data shall be published: name, country, gender, finish time.
    5.1. The personal data shall be stored in the databases and on the servers of KTM located on the territory of a member state of the European Union.
    5.2. KTM shall enforce adequate organisational and technical measures for protecting the personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, modification or unauthorised access or disclosure.
    5.3. The personal data can be accessed by the employees of KTM who know the principles of the protection of personal data and the obligation to maintain its confidential, and who shall be liable in case of breaches in the abovementioned obligation.
    5.4. The employees of KTM have the right to process the customer’s personal data only for the purpose of completing their work tasks.
    5.5. The customer’s personal data shall not be disclosed to any third parties, excl. where the need to disclose such data arises in connection with the provision of KTM’s services (to contractual partners like the provider of the time keeping service), where such an obligation stems from the legislation or where consent for it has been provided by the owner of such data.
    6.1. At any time, the customer may notify KTM of the wish to withdraw one’s consent for the processing of their personal data. In the self-service environment of the website of KTM, the customer can view their customer information, and, where necessary, make amendments and modifications to the user account.
    6.2. Upon registering for an event, one can request for the non-disclosure of one’s name in the start and finish protocols by marking one’s name as hidden. A customer with hidden personal data shall not take part in the score-keeping, nor shall he or she be eligible to receive awards (age groups, raffle prizes, clubs and companies ranking). Also, the results cannot be seen on the user account. The personal data shall not be deleted from the database of KTM, instead it shall be marked as hidden. The preservation of personal data is necessary in the interest of maintaining the correctness of the database.
    6.3. In case the customer finds that the processing of one’s personal data is not permitted under the legislation or the principles for the protection of personal data, one has the right to demand for the termination of the processing, publishing and/or accessing of their personal data.
    6.4. KTM shall resume the processing of the personal data until the achievement of the objectives of the processing of the personal data or its obligations stemming from the legislation.
    7.1. The customer has the right to contact KTM by e-mail at in the event of a question, application or complaint concerning the processing of the personal data.
    7.2. The customer has the right to submit a complaint to KTM, the Data Protection Inspectorate or a court when the client thinks that their rights have been breached during the processing of their personal data.
    KTM has the right to unilaterally change this Privacy Policy by providing a notification of this on its website at By using the website, we assume that you have read through the Privacy Policy and agreed to its terms and conditions.