Almost five thousand cycling fans took part in the Tartu Rattaralli


This year, after two years of virtual events, Tartu Rattaralli could take place as planned. There were many changes, but they were all well received by participants. In addition to the events that took place, everyone had the opportunity to participate virtually on their home course

41. Tartu Rattaralli. Author: Mikk Otsar.

The biggest changes were: wave starts, the addition of 27 km distance, 128 km belonging to the Gran Fondo World Series and the new courses that went towards Lake Peipus. The participant feedback has shown that the innovations were well received. The medical report also confirmed that the number of crashes was significantly reduced due to wave starts.


Tartu Rattaralli events that took place

Tartu Rattaralli started with kids races on Saturday, May 28. Options were: 500m, 1km and 5km and 1370 toddlers came to enjoy cycling.


On Sunday, May 29, the main distances were waiting: brand new 27 km, 60 km and 128 km. 27 km riders had one mass-start and there were 219 participants. On 60 km there were four start waves and 896 people went to that course. On 128 km distance there were five start waves and 1108 riders.

If we combine the kids races and the main distances, we get 3593 participants.


Virtual Tartu Rattaralli

Both children and adults had the opportunity to take part in the virtual Tartu Rattaralli from May 20 to June 5. 750 children took part in the virtual race, minimum distance was 400m. Adults could choose between 27, 60, 128 and 128 km combo. 161 riders decided in favor of the shortest distance, ie 27 km, 131 riders chose 60 km, 39 riders took the 128 km route and 28 participants chose the 128 km combo.


A total of 1109 children and adults participated virtually.


If we add up the numbers of participants of the events that took place and virtual Tartu Rattaralli, the total number will be 4702.


The next event in the Tartu Marathon Klassik series is the 25th Tartu MTB Marathon, which will be on September 18. The season ends with the 11th Tartu City Marathon on October 1.