Elite race Tour of Estonia kicks off already this Friday


The two-day elite tour will bring four previous winners to the start, and a record number of Estonian riders will participate in the Ladies Tour of Estonia.

Tour of Estonia 2022. Photo by Hendrik Osula

Taking place in Estonia from May 26th to 27th, the tour will feature an impressive lineup of 15 teams, including 2 teams from Estonia. One of the top contenders is undoubtedly the Estonian National Team, led by Norman Vahtra, Karl Patrick Lauk, and Martin Laas, (all of whom have) who have all claimed stage victories in previous editions of the Tour of Estonia. Lauk and Laas have also emerged as overall winners of the tour.

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For the second year in arow, also Ladies Tour of Estonia is held with 10 teams. 

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Ladies Tour of Estonia 2022. Photo by Adam Illingworth.