Gran Fondo qualifyiers


Check out of the riders qualifying for the series medal and World Championships!

Photo by Kiur Kaasik

At this year's Tartu Rattaralli, 1108 riders partook in the Gran Fondo.


All riders who finish in the first 25% of their age group (of the number of starters) will be given a series medal and will be eligible to compete in the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships at the end of the season. 


FROM THIS TABLE you can see how many riders in each age group are among the 25%. See your place in the age group HERE. From the menu at the top of the page, select the men's or women's results and the correct age group from the filter!


If you didn't get your medal at the race centre, you can collect it from the office of Club Tartu Maraton (Laulupeo pst 25, Tartu) up to June 16th on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.


May we kindly ask those who wish to receive their medal by post to send their correct home address to We will then send you the invoice for a postage fee of 8,40 EUR.


We will be posting the medals until June 20th. 


Invitation to join the world championships in Glasgow on August 4-7, will be sent by the organizers of the Gran Fondo series in a separate e-mail.