Tartu Rattaralli 128 km distance will be a part of UCI Gran Fondo World Series in 2023!

Hawaii Express 41. Tartu Rattaralli. Author: Adam Illingworth.

*UCI Gran Fondo World Series is a series of UCI-sanctioned road races held all over the world


If a participant starts at a distance of 128 km from her/his age group and finishes among the first 20%, she/he is rewarded with a special series medal and has the right to start at the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships, which will take place this year in Glasgow, Scotland.

The 2023 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships will be part of the first-ever UCI Cycling World Championships that will combine 13 different UCI World Championships in Glasgow and across Scotland between 3 and 13 August.

The Gran Fondo events will be held on 4 and 7 August.