Indrek Kelk: winning Tartu Maraton will be harder than ever before

Tartu Maraton, happening on February 20th, will be special in many ways. After 11 years, marathon is again in the Visma Ski Classics Pro Tour. For the participants there will be several changes – the start time will be postponed by an hour and the traditional mass-start will be replaced with wave starts.
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  • Tartu Marathon returns to the Visma Ski Classics Pro Tour after 11 years

    Today and tomorrow, Visma Ski Classics Pro Tour organizers are visiting  Southern Estonia to see the Tartu Marathon track and the organizing team. The reason is Tartu Marathon 63 km distance, which is again part of the professional long-distance skiing series after 11 years.
  • The sports season of the Tartu Marathon brought together almost 25 000 people

    Tartu City Marathon was the last event in Tartu Marathon Cube series 2021. According to preliminary data, a total of 24 526 people participated in skiing-, running-, inline skating-, and cycling events.
  • Bert Tippi won the Tartu City Marathon

    Bert Tippi won the marathon distance at the 10th Tartu City Marathon with a time of 2:31.39. In the women's competition, Kadiliis Kuiv won the 42 km distance for the third year in a row with a total time of 2:50.54.
  • Gert Kivistik won the 24th Tartu MTB Marathon for the first time

    Gert Kivistik (89 km, time 02:34:24) was the fastest at the finish line of 24th Tartu MTB Marathon, Mihkel Räim was the second one (+00.01) and Gert Jõeäär got the third place (+00.41).
  • 15. Tartu Inline Skating Marathon winners – Reinis Znotins and Anna Muzyka

    Reinis Znotins (LAT) won the 15th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon for the second year in a row. For the first time, Anna Muzyka (UKR) won the overall victory among women.
  • Almost 2800 cyclists took part in the 40th Tartu Rattaralli

    According to preliminary data, 2771 cycling enthusiasts participated in the Hawaii Express 40th Tartu Rattaralli. 114 foreigners from 17 countries also took part in the virtual race.
  • Martin Laas won the Tartu stage of the Tour of Estonia, Karl Patrick Lauk got the overall victory

    Today cyclists rode the final stage of the Tour of Estonia, Tartu Grand Prix. The Estonian National team performed excellent – Martin Laas won the Tartu stage and overall victory went to Karl Patrick Lauk.
  • Estonian Karl Patrick Lauk won the first stage of Tour of Estonia

    This morning, the professional cycling tour Tour of Estonia 2021 (UCI 2.1) started from Tallinn. Estonian Karl Patrick Lauk won the first stage, the 193.3 km long Tallinn-Tartu race.
  • Over 3500 people joined the virtual run of Tartu Forest Marathon

    According to the preliminary results 3506 runners and walkers took part in the virtual run of the 39th Tartu Forest Marathon. The race was held between April 1st to May 16th and people could choose between virtual and individual run.
  • Mart Kevin Põlluste won the 47th Tartu Maraton

    Despite the difficult conditions today, the legendary Tartu Maraton was held on the classic Otepää-Elva 63km track.
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