Roman Fosti and Kadiliis Kuiv ran new course records at the Tartu City Marathon


At the 11th Tartu City Marathon today, Roman Fosti (2.26.17) triumphed in the marathon distance, breaking the course record that had been standing since 2016. Fastest woman in the marathon was Kadiliis Kuiv (2.47.16), who improved her course record from last year by more than three minutes.

Roman Fosti ran a new course record in the marathon distance. Author: Hendrik Osula.

Roman Fosti decided to go at his own pace right from the start, because his plan was to win the marathon distance and, if possible, set a new course record. "Before the race, I asked my competitors what their plans were for the run. They went with a little more modest plans and if I had gone with them, the new course record would have been a little more difficult. I went with a good feeling and as always - 30 km is good, but the magic of a marathon starts at 30 km, and I experienced that magic. Marathon is not an easy thing, but I had luck today," he said.


Roman Fosti's finish time was 2.26.17. The previous record 2.28.09 belonged to Raivo Alla from 2016.


Bert Tippi (+3.57) was the next one to cross the finish line and Aleksandr Kulešov (+4.49) was third.


Kadiliis Kuiv was the fastest among the women in the marathon distance. She was also a leader in the early stages of the race. "I didn't know that I was in front from the beginning. My big goal was that I could finally run Lossi street uphill and I didn't walk this year," told Kuiv.

Kuiv improved her previous year's women's course record by more than 3 minutes (last year's time 2.50.54).


Amanda Krumina (LAT) (+8.10) and finished second and  Mari Boikov (+9.06) third.


Deniss Šalkauskas (1.08.27) came first in the half-marathon in a strong fight for the finish, beating Ibrahim Mukunga by just one second. Jaanus Kallaste finished third (+2.18).


Among the women, Jelena Abele (LAT) was the fastest in the half marathon (1.20.25). Mirjam Vint finished second (+3.22) and Lily Luik third (+3.54).


Leonid Latsepov (30.24) was the fastest in the 10 km distance, second was Kaur Kivistik (+0.17) and third Karel Hussar (+0.18).

Laura Maasik (37.02) won the women's 10 km distance, Tuuli Tomingas was second (+0.15) and Jana Treier third (+0.59).


Between the main distances of the Tartu City marathon, there were also kids races, in which, according to preliminary data, more than 2000 young runners took part.


According to preliminary data, 2851 people registered for the main distances of the 11th Tartu City Marathon (455 of them for the marathon distance, 1016 for the half marathon and 1380 people for the 10 km distance).


The 11th Tartu City Marathon finished Tartu Marathon Klassik season.


The results of the Tartu City Marathon can be viewed HERE.