Tartu Forest Marathon will have a new starting place and course


The cross-country running event held in May will be more special this year, because the starting place and course will change. According to the organizing team, the run will take place on beautiful forest roads and participants can come with the whole family.

40th Tartu Forest Marathon. Author: Adam Illingworth.

When before the start of the two longest distances (42 and 24 km) of Tartu Forest Marathon sounded in Otepää, then this year the runners will start their journey from Elva. The 10 and 5 km participants also start the race from the same place, and the finish of all distances is also in Elva.


In addition to the new starting place, there is also another important change - instead of 24 km, runners now have to cover the half-marathon distance, i.e. 21 km. The other three distances remain the same: 42, 10 and 5 km.


"We've been thinking about it for a long time, how we could change the beginning of the longer distances, because they became a bit boring over time. We decided that we would try to change it and came up with the idea that what if we started from Elva. Then we tried to find new course, rode there with bikes and the organizing team found the new route very satisfying," explains Indrek Kelk, the race director.


He adds that it is also particularly nice that participants don’t have to run on asphalt roads anymore. "We were able to change the course in a way that now it goes completely through the forest, which will be a very uplifting experience in the spring," he says.


In addition to the four distances and the kids races held the day before, in Elva there will also be races for the youngest. "We want it to be a day for the whole family - it's also Mother's Day. We invite people to come with the whole family, because now everyone can take part in this great sports day, and logistical concerns have also been solved with one start and finish location," Kelk adds.


Tartu Forest Marathon program begins on May 12, when charity run Heateo jooks starts at Tähtvere Sports Park in Tartu. A day later, kids races will also take place at the same place.


On Mother's Day, May 14, the main event will be held and kids can also participate.