Tartu Maratoni Klassik 2022

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Public sport events organized by Club Tartu Maraton have offered continuous physical activity opportunities throughout the years. With new additions to our event calendar during the years, the name and format of our event series has changed. But the aim is still the same - to keep up the sporting spirit.


Series ranking started under the name of Tartu Triple Event in 1983 with the launch of Tartu Sügisjooks (Tartu Autumn City Run). Tartu Triple Event consisted of Tartu Marathon, Tartu Sügisjooks (renamed as Tartu Jooksumaraton / Tartu Running Marathon in 2000) and Tartu Rattaralli (road cycling).


In 1998 the first Tartu Rattamaraton (MTB) took place and after the event had a great start, it was decided that in 2000 the Triple Event series will be expanded into four-event Tartu Complex Event. Unfortunately the Tartu Marathon was cancelled that year due to lack of snow and therefore season rankings in the series were not determined. Actual Complex Event ranking started the following year, 2001.


2007 saw addition of Tartu Rulluisumaraton (inline roller skating) and 2012 Tartu Linnamaraton (Tartu City Marathon). Again the renewal of the series was necessary. In 2015 Tartu Complex Event was replaced by Tartu Maraton Cube. This new format valued participation in shorter distances more than before. Also it became possible to combine different distances more easily while participating in the series. Up to four best results from the six possible events was taken into season rankings for each participant. It meant that if a participant took part in all six, only their four best were considered for the final point score and ranking. Short distances gave points as well, but fewer than longer distances of the same events.


In 2022 we are once again updating the series that binds together all the major sport events that the Club organizes. Because all of our mass participation public sport events are with long and strong traditions, the new series is named Tartu Maraton Klassik. A participant who has finished any distance in each and every one of the season's events, gets awarded with the title of series accomplisher.


  • Tartu Triple Event winners

    1983     andmed puuduvad

    1984     Kaarel Schmidt                Leili Teeväli

    1985     Paul Vaard                       Ene Aigro

    1986     Jüri Kull                            Ene Aigro

    1987     Kaarel Schmidt                Ene Aigro

    1988     arvestust ei peetud

    1989     arvestust ei peetud

    1990     arvestust ei peetud

    1991     Viktor Guljajev                 Kaja Mulla

    1992     arvestust ei peetud

    1993     Margus Tamm                 Karin Laine

    1994     Peep Koidu                      Aino Sirkel

    1995     Kaupo Sabre                    Ene Aigro

    1996     Alvar Kütt                         Ene Aigro

    1997     Meelis Aasmäe                Tiina Pallas

    1998     Peep Koidu                      Ene Aigro

    1999     Allar Kivil                          Ene Aigro

  • Tartu Complex Event winners

    2000     arvestust ei peetud

    2001     Raimo Raudik                  Ene Aigro

    2002     Anti Arak                          Ene Aigro

    2003     Margus Püvi                    Signe Parm

    2004     Margus Püvi                    Signe Parm

    2005     Margus Püvi                    Anu Taveter

    2006     Rait Pallo                          Katrin Mauring

    2007     Rait Pallo                          Katrin Mauring

    2008     Allan Oras                        Tea Pärnik

    2009     Raul Olle                          Signe Parm

    2010     Rait Pallo                          Signe Parm

    2011     Rait Pallo                          Alma Sarapuu

    2012     Rait Pallo                          Signe Parm

    2013     Allar Soo                           Signe Parm

    2014     Allar Soo                           Reeda Tuula

  • Tartu Maraton Cube winners

    2015     Kert Keskpaik     Reeda Tuula

    2016     Allar Soo                           Sille Puhu

    2017     Sander Linnus                  Sille Puhu

    2018     Sander Linnus                  Reeda Tuula-Fjodorov

    2019     Sander Linnus                  Reeda Tuula-Fjodorov

    2020     arvestust ei peetud

    2021     Indrek Hubel                   Reeda Tuula-Fjodorov