The preliminary events of Tartu Maraton will take place on the original track


This Sunday, February 12, Tartu Relay Marathon and Open Track will take place on the route between Otepää and Elva. Participants have the opportunity to ski in both classic and free technique

8th Tartu Relay Marathon on 2022. Author: Adam Illingworth.

"During last week, due to the changeable weather conditions, all kinds of options were considered, but today I can announce the good news: Open Track and Relay Marathon will take place on the original track and, as usual, the start will be given from Otepää and the finish will be in Elva," explains Indrek Kelk, the chieforganizer of Tartu Maraton.


Tartu Maraton course master Assar Kütt started driving the track machine from Elva to Otepää this morning, February 6, and said that the conditions on the course were very good. "Overnight, 5 cm of snow came in Elva, and it can be seen that snow has also come in other parts of the track. Currently, the situation is very good," states Kütt.


There are 3 distances to choose from on the open track: 63 km, 31 km and 16 km. People can ski in both classic and free technique.


Teams of 4 people can participate in the relay marathon, and the total distance is 63 km. Each team member must complete one stage and can ski in both classic and free technique.


First stage: Otepää-Matu (12 km)

Second stage: Matu-Kuutse (20 km)

Third stage: Kuutse-Palu (14.6 km)

Fourth stage: Palu-Elva (16.4 km)


More information about the Open Track can be found HERE and information about the Relay Marathon HERE.


In a week, on February 19, the 49th Tartu Maraton will be held. "If the weather stays as it is now, we dare to organize the main day on the original track as well. We are constantly keeping an eye on the weather forecast and promise that we will announce our final decision no later than Tuesday of the marathon week," says Kelk.


Today is also the last day when you can register with early bird price for the Tartu Maraton. More information and registration HERE.