Traffic and parking: Tartu City Marathon, Friday Night Run


During the period of 30.09-01.10, the 11th Tartu City Marathon and Friday Night Run bring changes to traffic arrangements in Tartu. The bus schedules are also subject to change.

Traffic and public buses

There are short stops in traffic during the starts at the Riia-Turu crossing. After the runners have passed through, the track will be open for crossing via all the larger roads it intersects with (as marked on the schema). The streets will be re-opened step-by-step and as soon as possible after the runners have passed through.


Parking is not permitted on the racecourse. We advise the locals to consult with the Head of Course Safety (mob: 501 6506) or the nearest steward in case of urgency.


•         Programme

•         Traffic closures by area (information in Estonian)

•         Bus information on the City of Tartu's website


Parking for participants

There are no special parking lots for participants. Parking is available in public spaces according to the general parking regulation. 

In the city of Tartu, the parking order has changed and the A zone is also paid on Saturdays from 11 am to 5 pm. Please take this into account when coming to the City Marathon and parking a car!


Additional information is available in the Tartu City Government website: