What should you know about the next Tartu Maraton?


The 51st edition of Tartu Maraton is held on February 15-16, 2025. Saturday 15.02 is for freestyle and vintage races, as well as team relay. The traditional classic distantces take place on Sunday 16.02.

Start of Tartu Maraton. Author: Günter Küttis

Freestyle race continues

The 31 km freestyle race, which was added to the program this year, will also take place next year due to high interest and positive feedback from most participants. The organizers are also pleased that both skating and classic technique enthusiasts can now participate. "The freestyle race brought a large number of first-time participants to the event, who have not yet become familiar with the classic technique and have only dreamed of participating in the Tartu Maraton. Now they have the opportunity to make that dream come true, and the entire skiing community is even more united. It doesn't matter which technique you are better at and use to complete the course, because now everyone has the chance to be part of the great skiing festival," says race director Indrek Kelk.


Changes to the vintage race

The old-school ski race, which previously took place at five-year intervals, will also be held next year. "I participated myself, and I really liked the new format with a separate vintage start and the 31 km distance because the atmosphere was supportive and motivating. Since the vintage skiers started first, most of the later starting freestyle skiers passed us, and I have never experienced so many encouraging words and smiling faces caused by our journey in vintage gear. So why should wooden skis gather dust for another five years to experience this joy again? Let's make the Vintage race every year and let people to enjoy it!" commented Kelk.


Growing interest in hiking groups

The hiking groups, which started for the first time at this year's ski marathon, are also planned for the next year. "It was a fairly last-minute experiment for us, but it was great to see that people immediately joined in and actually needed the support offered. Therefore, we will certainly continue to promote moving at a relaxed pace and offer the opportunity to participate in hiking groups in the future," says Kelk.


Wordloppet skiers at Tartu Maraton

  • Gold stamp race: 63 km CT
  • Silver stamp races: 31 km FT, CT and Vintage
  • Free ski waxing service is provided for Wordloppet passport owners and a special reception is held to honor Worldloppet Masters


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