Youngsters are also awarded at Tartu Rattaralli


To offer younger participants a more exciting cycling experience and the opportunity to test themselves against others of their age, we reward young riders at two shorter distances of the race.

Tartu Rattaralli 2023. Author: Adam Illingworth

At the prize-giving ceremony, the following participants will be awarded:

  • 17 km distance 3 best boys and girls (N/M12)
  • 56 km distance 3 best boys and girls (N/M16)
  • 126 km distance 6 best men and women, Gran Fondo age groups 3 best men and women


*56 km youngsters - born 2008 and later

*17 km youngsters - born 2012 and later


Ceremony timetable is available in the program


For additional info please check the race regulations