Personalized Tartu Forest Marathon medal

At Tartu Forest Marathon, you can have your name, distance and time engraved on your medal!
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    41st Tartu Forest Maraton is on this Sunday! Before coming to the start, please read participant information. This is very important!  
  • Bus and parking tickets for 14.05

    A day ticket costs 6 EUR from pre-sale, 10 EUR on the marathon day. 
  • Tartu Rattaralli gives the opportunity to redeem a ticket to the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships

    The biggest road bike race in Estonia, Tartu Rattaralli, will take place again this year on 28th of May. For the second year in a row, the 128 km distance is part of the international UCI Gran Fondo World series, which means that the participants will have the opportunity to get a ticket to the world championships.
  • Tartu Rattaralli continues with wave starts, three distances and courses near Lake Peipus

    Hawaii Express 42nd Tartu Rattaralli starts on the last Sunday of May. The changes introduced to the riders last year were well received and organizers plan to continue in the same way.
  • Announcing the new courses of Tartu Forest Marathon!

    Several major changes are planned for the 41st Tartu Forest Marathon, and one of the main ones is new courses. From now on, all four distances will take the participants only on forest roads.
  • When will we announce Tartu Forest Marathon tracks?

    We planned to make the trail maps public in March, but unfortunately it turned out a few weeks ago that one of the landowners does not give permission to go through there. We apologize that the tracks have not been announced yet!
  • Tartu Forest Marathon will have a new starting place and course

    The cross-country running event held in May will be more special this year, because the starting place and course will change. According to the organizing team, the run will take place on beautiful forest roads and participants can come with the whole family.
  • Participant survey raffle prizes

    We would like to thank all the participants of Tartu Maraton who filled out this year´s survey!
  • Medal engraving

    For the first time, you can have your name, time and distance engraved on the medal!
  • The winner of 49th Tartu Maraton is Henri Roos

    The first to cross the finish line was Henri Roos (time 3:14:53.8). He was followed by Andres Juursalu (+01.13,1) and Taavi Kaiv (+01.52,8).
  • Marathon weekend opened with kids races

    Marathon week opened with kids races in Tähtvere Sports park!
  • Estonians have good chances to win the Tartu Maraton again

    Estonians are the main favorites of the 63-kilometer main distance of the Tartu Maraton on Sunday. At the start: Henri Roos and Kalev Ermits who finished among the fastest Estonians last year. Among the women, multiple Olympic champion Justyna Kowalczyk-Tekieli (POL) and three-time Tartu Maraton winner Tatjana Mannima are coming.
  • Tartu Maraton will take place on full length and on the original track

    The organizing team can confirm that the 49th Tartu Maraton will be on the route between Otepää and Elva.
  • More than 500 skiers participated in the pre-events of Tartu Maraton

    The pre-events of the Tartu Maraton held today on the track between Otepää and Elva – the 9th Tartu Relay Marathon and the Open Track races – brought 548 skiers.
  • Tartu Maraton program starts on Sunday with Tartu Relay Marathon and Open Track races

    The 49th Tartu Maraton program will kick off this Sunday with the Relay Marathon and Open Track races. More than 500 skiers are expected on the route between Otepää and Elva
  • The preliminary events of Tartu Maraton will take place on the original track

    This Sunday, February 12, Tartu Relay Marathon and Open Track will take place on the route between Otepää and Elva. Participants have the opportunity to ski in both classic and free technique
  • Marathon track is skiable in full length

    The course master has prepared two classic tracks throughout the whole 63 km, it is also possible to ski in free technique. From Otepää to Palu, he conditions are very good. Palu-Elva section has somewhat thinner snow cover.
  • Tartu Maraton is vigorously reducing its carbon footprint

    Tartu Marathon joined hands with a new fuel partner, Neste Eesti, and renounces the use of fossil fuels in its transport, in the preparation of ski tracks and in the operation of electricity generators along the track. 
  • Virtual Tartu Maraton has started!

    Set your goals for the winter and take part in Tartu Maraton in a way that suits you

    The history of the Tartu Maraton dates back to 1960, when the first Tartu-Kääriku ski marathon was held on January 16.
  • Tartu Marathon will take place – read about different course versions

    This winter raises the same questions as every year – whether and how much snow will come and how long it will stay. In order for Tartu Marathon to take place, the organizers of the event have written down different versions of the ski marathon.
  • Estonia and Finland with one ski trip

    In the second half of February we invite you to combine the races of Tartu Maraton and Finlandia-Hiihto!

    Tartu Rattaralli 128 km distance will be a part of UCI Gran Fondo World Series in 2023!
  • Tartu Marathon sports events are getting more popular – almost 30 000 participants

    Compared to last year, there were almost 3500 people more, who were skiing, cycling and running at Tartu Marathon events. Although the number of participants decreased during the coronavirus pandemic years, it can be seen that both children and adults have begun to participate in sports events more and more.
  • Roman Fosti and Kadiliis Kuiv ran new course records at the Tartu City Marathon

    At the 11th Tartu City Marathon today, Roman Fosti (2.26.17) triumphed in the marathon distance, breaking the course record that had been standing since 2016. Fastest woman in the marathon was Kadiliis Kuiv (2.47.16), who improved her course record from last year by more than three minutes.
  • RESULTS: Friday Night Run, Tartu City Marathon

    Watch the map or the LIVE results and see where are your friends, relatives and the leaders.

    Before coming to the start of Tartu City Marathon, look through the following important information.
  • Women's and men's course records of Tartu City Marathon

    The Tartu City Marathon 42 km men's course record dates from 2016 and the women's course record from 2021. Will new records be set this year?
  • Roman Fosti: I want to win Tartu City Marathon and set a new course record

    This year's 11th Tartu City Marathon will be the penultimate marathon for Roman Fosti, where he tries to win. Although Tartu is a familiar city to him, he will run the marathon distance for the first time at the Tartu City Marathon.
  • Early bird price for Tartu City Marathon until 26th of September!

    Tartu City Marathon will take place on 1st of October. Register for the race today, because the best price ends on monday, 26th of September!
  • Gleb Karpenko won the 25th Tartu MTB Marathon for the first time, Laura Lepasalu was the fastest woman

    Gleb Karpenko was the fastest at the finish line of Hawaii Express 25th Tartu MTB Marathon (89 km, time 02:37:58), Oskar Nisu was the second one (+01.22) and Gert Kivistik got the third place (+01.28).

    Watch the map or the LIVE results and see where are your friends, relatives and the leaders.  

    The big cycling festival will be held already this Sunday, September 18th. Make sure to read the important participant info before coming to the start! 
  • Who will win the 25th Tartu MTB Marathon?

    The winner of this year's Tartu MTB Marathon can be a complete surprise, because on the same weekend our best cyclists will be at the world championships in Denmark and Australia. The battle for the podium places will be spectacular.
  • Early bird price for Tartu MTB Marathon ends on 12.09!

    Tartu MTB Marathon will take place next Sunday. Register for the race today, because the early bird price ends on monday, 12.09!
  • 25 years of Tartu MTB Marathon – what is the phenomenon of this popular race?

    In 1998, Tartu MTB Marathon started the mountain biking boom. 25 years later, thousands of cyclists still ride from Otepää to Elva to honor old traditions and create new ones. What is it that brings riders to the same event for so many years in a row?
  • Revolution on the Tartu MTB Marathon – wave starts and the opportunity to choose a starting group that suits you

    The feedback from the participants of Tartu ski marathon and road race rattaralli on the replacement of the mass start with wave starts has been extremely positive. It has given the organizers an idea to test wave starts at the upcoming Tartu MTB Marathon as well. The new starting arrangement gives the participants the opportunity to choose their own starting group according to the expected finish time.
  • Almost five thousand cycling fans took part in the Tartu Rattaralli

    This year, after two years of virtual events, Tartu Rattaralli could take place as planned. There were many changes, but they were all well received by participants. In addition to the events that took place, everyone had the opportunity to participate virtually on their home course
  • Photos from Tartu Rattaralli

    Photos from Hawaii Express 41. Tartu Rattaralli.
  • Wave starts made Tartu Rattaralli safer

    This year's Hawaii Express 41st Tartu Rattaralli was held for the first time with wave starts. The medical report showed that starting in smaller groups significantly reduced the number of crashes and injuries.
  • 17-year-old Romet Pajur won Tartu Rattaralli

    The victory of the 128 km distance of Hawaii Express 41st Tartu Rattaralli was taken with a powerful finish by Romet Pajur. Alo Jakin was the second and Rait Ärm the third one to cross the finish line.

    Watch live results from here.

    Watch us LIVE on Sunday, May 29th starting from 9:50 (Estonian Time). Broadcast is with ENG commentaries.    

    After two years, Tartu Rattaralli will start with full program and there will be many significant changes compared to the past. Read through the useful information before you come to the start!
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