What should you know about the next Tartu Maraton?

The 51st edition of Tartu Maraton is held on February 15-16, 2025. Saturday 15.02 is for freestyle and vintage races, as well as team relay. The traditional classic distantces take place on Sunday 16.02.
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  • We are on holiday

    Club Tartu Maraton office is open again from August 5th. 
  • Photos from Tartu Rattaralli

    Check out the photos taken this weekend!
  • Mihkel Räim takes the victory of Tartu Rattaralli in a very tight competition

    Today's 43. Tartu Rattaralli main distance of 126 km was won in a tight finish competition by Mihkel Räim. Räim and Alo Jakin, who finished second, attacked just five kilometers before the finish.
  • Tartu Rattaralli live webcast 26.05 at 10:55-14:45

    The 43rd Tartu Rattaralli will start this Sunday, May 26. 3000 riders from more than 20 countries are expected to hit the start of the biggest road cycling festival in the region. The race is also broadcasted live on the web.
  • LIVE results, GPS tracking

    Tartu Rattaralli, May 26

    The big cycling festival kicks off already this Sunday. Before coming to the start, read the important information.
  • Traffic info

    Due to the international cycling tour Tour of Estonia and Tartu Rattaralli competitions, there are traffic restrictions from May 23 to 26.
  • Gran Fondo age group prizes

    At 126 km distance, in addition to the overall winners of the Tartu Rattarall, the fastest riders of Gran Fondo age groups will be awarded.
  • Youngsters are also awarded at Tartu Rattaralli

    To offer younger participants a more exciting cycling experience and the opportunity to test themselves against others of their age, we reward young riders at two shorter distances of the race.
  • Here it is: Medal of Tartu Rattaralli

    Those interested can have their name and time engraved on the medal, making the marathon day even more memorable!
  • Photos from the forest marathon

    Check out the photos taken this weekend!
  • Julius Wahome won the Tartu Forest Marathon

    Today, Kenyan Julius Muriuki Wahome won the most popular distance (21 km) of the Tartu Forest Marathon. Rait Ratasepp triumphed on the royal 42 km distance.
  • LIVE results, GPS tracking

    Tartu Forest Marathon, May 12
  • Tartu Maastikumaraton: Participant Info

    Before coming to the start, please read the participant information.
  • Bus and parking info, ticket sale

    On the marathon day there are official shuttle buses available and parking is free for those driving with Subaru. 
  • We extended the early bird for Tartu Maastikumaraton

    Good price still available!
  • Hiking groups at Tartu Maastikumaraton

    Tartu Maastikumaraton offers thrilling challenges for walkers this year! For the first time, hiking groups will be starting on both the marathon and half-marathon distance, guided by pace makers.
  • Here it comes: Medal of Tartu Maastikumaraton

    Our medals this year combine innovative design and dignity. Those interested can have their name and time engraved on the medal, making the marathon day even more memorable!
  • CHECK OUT: Tartu Rattaralli course videos

    After a five-year gap the beloved road bike festival returns to the rolling roads of South-Estonia.
  • Tartu Rattaralli Travels Back in Time for 40 Years

    Tartu Rattalli, one of the biggest road cycling festivals in Northern Europe, dates back to 1982. This year the beloved bike race travels back in time by launching the Vintage ride as part of the program.
  • Tartu Rattaralli changes the course

    After a five-year gap the beloved road bike festival Tartu Rattaralli returns to the rolling roads of South-Estonia, offering participants hilly parts with a more challenging profile.   
  • Stirnu Buks offers a special price for Tartu Maraton participants

    Tartu Maraton participants get a 15% discount on Stirnu Buks stages this year! Find the special code in the offers section of your marathon account.
  • Photos from the jubilee marathon

    Check out the photos taken this weekend!
  • Henri Roos won the 50. Tartu Maraton with the new course record

    In today's 50. Tartu Maraton, Henri Roos took the victory in a close competition at the finish line, setting also a new course record with a time of 2:27:41.7. He was followed by Marko Kilp, who finished less than a second later (+0:00:00.8), and third place went to Finnish skier Lauri Lepistö (+0:00:01.1).
  • GPS tracking, LIVE results

    GPS tracking and LIVE results of 50. Tartu Maraton
  • 50. Tartu Maraton Participant Info

    Before coming to the start, please read the participant information.
  • How to wax the skis for the marathon?

    Preliminary waxing suggestions for 18.02.
  • Bib and timing chip hand out process is new this year

    Participants will receive an email with a QR code, which will be used to collect their start number and timing chip. Please collect your number already at the race center! 
  • Info for elite group skiers

    50. Tartu Maraton, 18.02.2024
  • Youngsters will be awarded at Tartu Maraton

    To offer youngsters an exciting marathon experience and the opportunity to test themselves against others of their age, we award young skiers at the 31 km classic race. 
  • The last 100 spots left

    This year's registration for the Tartu Marathon has been the most active in recent years, with 5100 skiers already signed up.
  • Engrave your name on the medal

    You can have your name, distance and time engraved on the jubilee marathon medal!
  • Shuttle bus and parking tickets

    A pre-sale ticket costs 6 €, when buying on-site the price is 10 €.
  • 10 days to go: track conditions are very good

    Just ten days before the start, while many parts of Estonia are experiencing a shortage of snow, the Tartu Marathon track has a solid snow cover. "There is plenty of snow on the first 46 kilometers of the track, all the way from the start venue Otepää up to Palu. The last section from Palu to Elva is also in good condition, just icier in some spots. There are no signs of bare ground anywhere," says the course master Assar Kütt.  
  • Anders Aukland: Tartu Maraton track is in a class with Vasaloppet, and the Estonian audience similar to Holmenkollen

    Norwegian cross-country legend Anders Aukland says that Tartu Maraton is a very special race for him: “I love the track! It is one of the best long distance tracks I know. Vasaloppet is a big race where you have 6 to 8 tracks beside each other, well groomed. Tartu Maraton is like that, very professionally prepared.“  
  • Vitual race is on!

    Join Tartu Maraton in a way that suits you the best!
  • 64 years ago the 1. Tartu Maraton started on the frozen river

    From the center of town Tartu, on the ice of river Emajõgi, 214 sports enthusiasts started the ski hike on January 16, 1960.  Participants were greeted by fresh snow, mild cold weather and sunshine.
  • How does the seeding work in Tartu Maraton?

    At the 63 km distance, priority is given to the result of Tartu Maraton. The starting position is calculated automatically in the database, based on the best result from the last three years. Result from the short distance gives a place from the 5th group.   
  • How to remove fluor from skis?

    SWIX has prepared steps to remove fluoro carbons from skis that had previously been waxed with waxes containing fluoros.
  • Freestyle in Tartu Maraton: is this breaking the long-lived tradition?

    In its 50th edition this upcoming February, the traditionally classic-only Tartu Maraton will have a skating distance in the program for the first time. What motivated the organizers to make this decision?
  • Worldloppet passport = free ski waxing

    In co-operation with SWIX we offer a free waxing service for Worldloppet passport holders. 
  • Birthday on the marathon day = free entry

    For example, if your birthday is on February 17 or 18, you will get a free entry to the 50th Tartu Marathon as a gift!    
  • Celebrate the jubilee at the Vintage race

    In 2024, Tartu Maraton will reach the 50th edition. For the jubilee celebrations, everyone is welcome to join the time true Vintage race! It takes place on February 17, just a day before the traditional classical distances. 
  • The most legendary Tartu Maraton

    During the 63-year history, the ski race has taken place 49 times in one way or another. In 2024, the Tartu Maraton will reach a new milestone - the 50th event. But which of these events has been written in bold letters to history?
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