After two years, Tartu Rattaralli will start with full program and there will be many significant changes compared to the past. Read through the useful information before you come to the start!
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    Live broadcasts from Touf of Estonia and Ladies tour of Estonia are in ERR sports portal. Tartu Rattaralli live broadcast will be at Tartu Maraton home page.
  • Tartu Rattaralli will start this Sunday with a very international line-up

    The Hawaii Express 41. Tartu Rattaralli will start this Sunday, May 29. More than a couple of thousand riders are expected to start, including Estonian and foreign cyclists. Spectators are welcome, but it’s also possible to watch live broadcast from Tartu Maraton home page.

    Due to the International cycling tour Tour of Estonia and Tartu Rattaralli competitions, there are many traffic restrictions from Thursday to Sunday.
  • Tour of Estonia will start tomorrow with a record number of participants

    The three-day professional cycling tour Tour of Estonia (UCI 2.1) starts tomorrow with a prologue at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. Almost 150 riders are expected to start, which is an all-time record.
  • For the first time: Tartu Rattaralli takes cyclists to Lake Peipus

    This Sunday, May 29, Tartu Rattaralli will kick off. Three distances: 128, 60 and 27 km will take participants to Lake Peipus.
  • DECISION HAS BEEN MADE: Pro cyclist Tanel Kangert will start at the Tour of Estonia

    In the last week of May, the three-day cycling tour Tour of Estonia (UCI 2.1) will start. First time in the history, Estonian pro cyclist Tanel Kangert will also take part with Team BikeExchange - Jayco.
  • Mukunga won the Tartu Forest Marathon for the sixth time in a row

    40th Tartu Forest Marathon, the biggest cross-country run in the Baltics, was held today in South-Estonia. In the main distance (24 km) Kenyan Ibrahim Mukunga Wachira triumphed for the sixth time in a row.

    Watch preliminary results and leaders position on the course.
  • Tartu Rattaralli 128 km distance belongs to the UCI Gran Fondo World Series

    For the first time in the history of Tartu Rattaralli, the 128 km distance belongs to the UCI Gran Fondo World Series. Cyclists start by age groups and the best of each group can take part in the World Championships at the end of the season.

    Important information about Tartu Rattaralli.
  • Tartu Forest Marathon brings runners back into the forests of Southern Estonia

    After a two-year break, the events of Tartu Forest Marathon will take place as planned. Program includes a charity event Heateo jooks, kids races and the main distances of Tartu Forest Marathon.
  • Indrek Kelk: Tartu Rattaralli brings wave starts, new course and distance

    Due to the spread of coronavirus, Tartu Rattaralli has been virtual race for the last two years. This year, cycling events will take place as planned, and a lot has been renewed, mainly for safety. The chief organizer of Tartu Rattaralli, Indrek Kelk, will speak in detail.
  • STATISTICS: events of Tartu Maraton brought together almost 6 000 skiers

    Winter in Estonia was long and snowy. Over a long period of time, all the events of Tartu Maraton were able to take place again as planned. In addition, it was possible to take part in virtual events for three months.
  • Tartu Maraton events are free for Ukrainians

    The organizing team of the Club Tartu Maraton has decided that in this season the participation in the Klassik series is free for Ukrainians.
  • Winner of 48th Tartu Maraton is Emil Persson

    The winner of the 48th Tartu Maraton is Emil Persson from Sweden. The best among the women was also Swedish, Britta Johansson Norgren.
  • Who will win the 48th Tartu Marathon?

    There are many favorites for the 63-kilometer distance of Tartu Maraton. There are 5 previous winners of Tartu Maraton at the start, as well as more than 130 elite athletes of Visma Ski Classics Pro Tour.
  • Indrek Kelk: Tartu Maraton is taking place, the condition of the track is promising

    The 48th Tartu Maraton will be held on this Sunday, February 20th, on the classic Otepää-Elva route. Although the snow has been melting in recent days, the trail is still in good condition. The final touch will be given by the track master on Saturday night.
  • Participant information for Tartu Maraton

    There are several changes in the marathon this year. Before coming to the start, make sure you read the information below.
  • Tartu Maraton Kids Races take place on Saturday

    Tartu Tähtvere Sports Park will be filled with young skiers on February 19th for Tartu Marathon’s Kids Races. Participants can choose from three distances: 400 m, 1 km and 3 km and every skier will get a medal at the finish line.
  • Almost 600 skiers participated in the preliminary events of Tartu Maraton

    One of the oldest skiing marathon’s in the world, Tartu Maraton, will take place on 20th of February. Yesterday’s pre-events brought 588 people to the classical Otepää-Elva track.
  • General rules of infection safety on the main day of Tartu Maraton

  • 8. Tartu Relay Maraton and Open Track results LIVE and GPS-tracking

  • Tartu Relay Maraton and Open Track COVID info

    We will verify Covid certification for participants 12 years of age and older. 12-17 year olds can also do a quick test on site.
  • The preliminary events of Tartu Maraton will take place with excellent track conditions

    The preliminary events of Tartu Maraton, the Tartu Relay Maraton and the Open Track, have been canceled for two years due to poor snow conditions or the spread of coronavirus. There is a lot of snow this year and both events are taking place as planned.
  • 48. Tartu Maraton received a special permit from the government and is taking place as planned

    Today, Estonian government decided to give Tartu Maraton a special permit, and on February 20th, a total of 6000 people will be allowed to participate in the two distances. The organizers of the event have prepared a safety plan in cooperation with the Health Board, which will minimize the risks of participating in the event.
  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Club Tartu Maraton is closed 23.12.2021 – 09.01.2022.
  • Virtual race has begun!

    Nice winter weather lasts and a longer holiday season awaits you to enjoy your skiing.  
  • Passport = free ski waxing!

    Special offer by Tartu Maraton and TOKO: Worldloppet passport holders get the basic waxing package free of charge! The 25 EUR package includes glide CH paraffin and gripwax.
  • Tartu Maraton Cube series will have a new name – Klassik

    From the 2022 season we have a new name: Tartu Maratoni Klassik. In addition to the name change, there is a new visual identity, a user-friendly website and a self-service environment. Klassik also brings changes to the series.
  • Indrek Kelk: winning Tartu Maraton will be harder than ever before

    Tartu Maraton, happening on February 20th, will be special in many ways. After 11 years, marathon is again in the Visma Ski Classics Pro Tour. For the participants there will be several changes – the start time will be postponed by an hour and the traditional mass-start will be replaced with wave starts.
  • Tartu Marathon returns to the Visma Ski Classics Pro Tour after 11 years

    Today and tomorrow, Visma Ski Classics Pro Tour organizers are visiting  Southern Estonia to see the Tartu Marathon track and the organizing team. The reason is Tartu Marathon 63 km distance, which is again part of the professional long-distance skiing series after 11 years.
  • The sports season of the Tartu Marathon brought together almost 25 000 people

    Tartu City Marathon was the last event in Tartu Marathon Cube series 2021. According to preliminary data, a total of 24 526 people participated in skiing-, running-, inline skating-, and cycling events.
  • Bert Tippi won the Tartu City Marathon

    Bert Tippi won the marathon distance at the 10th Tartu City Marathon with a time of 2:31.39. In the women's competition, Kadiliis Kuiv won the 42 km distance for the third year in a row with a total time of 2:50.54.
  • Gert Kivistik won the 24th Tartu MTB Marathon for the first time

    Gert Kivistik (89 km, time 02:34:24) was the fastest at the finish line of 24th Tartu MTB Marathon, Mihkel Räim was the second one (+00.01) and Gert Jõeäär got the third place (+00.41).
  • 15. Tartu Inline Skating Marathon winners – Reinis Znotins and Anna Muzyka

    Reinis Znotins (LAT) won the 15th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon for the second year in a row. For the first time, Anna Muzyka (UKR) won the overall victory among women.
  • Almost 2800 cyclists took part in the 40th Tartu Rattaralli

    According to preliminary data, 2771 cycling enthusiasts participated in the Hawaii Express 40th Tartu Rattaralli. 114 foreigners from 17 countries also took part in the virtual race.
  • Martin Laas won the Tartu stage of the Tour of Estonia, Karl Patrick Lauk got the overall victory

    Today cyclists rode the final stage of the Tour of Estonia, Tartu Grand Prix. The Estonian National team performed excellent – Martin Laas won the Tartu stage and overall victory went to Karl Patrick Lauk.
  • Estonian Karl Patrick Lauk won the first stage of Tour of Estonia

    This morning, the professional cycling tour Tour of Estonia 2021 (UCI 2.1) started from Tallinn. Estonian Karl Patrick Lauk won the first stage, the 193.3 km long Tallinn-Tartu race.
  • Over 3500 people joined the virtual run of Tartu Forest Marathon

    According to the preliminary results 3506 runners and walkers took part in the virtual run of the 39th Tartu Forest Marathon. The race was held between April 1st to May 16th and people could choose between virtual and individual run.
  • Mart Kevin Põlluste won the 47th Tartu Maraton

    Despite the difficult conditions today, the legendary Tartu Maraton was held on the classic Otepää-Elva 63km track.
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