Tartu Maraton Cube series will have a new name – Klassik


From the 2022 season we have a new name: Tartu Maratoni Klassik. In addition to the name change, there is a new visual identity, a user-friendly website and a self-service environment. Klassik also brings changes to the series.

Story of the new name

According to Indrek Kelk, the chief organizer of the Club Tartu Maraton events, the idea to change  series name began with a need to develop a new website. “It all started with the idea of ​​a new website and self-service environment. When we started developing the new website, we realized that the logos from 2004 and the general visual identity also needed to be updated. While discussing the ideas, we got to the point where we thought that the series should also be renewed. The name Klassik was actually on the table years ago, when we chose the name Cube for our series. At that moment we thought that our series was not ready for such name as Klassik, but now it seemed the right thing to do,” explains Kelk.


According to him, with years of hard work and effort, organizers have gained participants trust and they know that the event is high quality and trustworthy. "Such series must have a dignified name that brings together all these expectations and traditions," he states.


As mentioned earlier, the name change will also bring other changes: the series will have a new, much more user-friendly website and self-service environment. A new visual identity is also coming with Klassik.

"We have taken the opinion of our participants into account a lot in our activities. Based on the feedback, we have made conclusions and thought about ways in which the Klassik series could be more participant-friendly and attractive,” explains Kelk.


About the Klassik series

  • There are five events in the Klassik series: Tartu Maraton, Tartu Maastikumaraton, Tartu Rattaralli, Tartu Rattamaraton and Tartu Linnamaraton.
  • It is possible to participate in all events on the main day or virtually.
  • Those who take part in at least one marathon, will be participants in the series. Virtual participation is also taken into account.
  • Those who have taken part in all of the marathons,  will be awarded with a medal and a diploma. Virtual participations are also taken into account.
  • For those who are interested in winning the series we have also something. The best ones are  rewarded with prizes at the end of the season. Prizes will be given out if at least 3 events have actually taken place during the year.
  • The Tartu Maraton Kids Klassik has also five events. Like adults, children can participate both on the main day or virtually throughout the season.
  • Tartu Maraton has also a new website and self-service environment, combining both registration as well as e-shop. In the new self-service, please create a new user account.
  • Tartu Inline Skating Marathon, which celebrated its 15th birthday this year, will no longer take place. In 2007, when we launched the event, inline skating was a new discipline, which grew rapidly. The highest participant numbers were between 2012 and 2016, when it reached up to 1,600 skaters per year. However, for the last five years the numbers have decresed a lot, this year 750 skaters took part in the event.
    Race Director Indrek Kelk says, that the decision to finish with the Tartu Inline Skating marathon was difficult. "We have not finished any event in the series before. As the event was less and less interesting, we had no choice but to make this hard decision. We tried to do something better every year to get more participants, but the spread of the coronavirus and, in our opinion, the general low interest gave it the final impact, ”explains Kelk.
    We would like to thank all the inline skaters who have participated in Tartu during the 15 years! We hope to meet you at other Tartu Maraton events!


The first event in the Tartu Maraton Klassik series is the 48th Tartu Maraton, which will take place on February 20th.

The Open Track races and the Relay Marathon will take place a week before the main day, on February 13th.


It is possible to register for the entire Klassik series at the best price until 13.12 HERE.